Steve Burgess of Burgess Forensics

Burgess Forensics is a leading provider of computer forensics, expert witness and data recovery services.

Pioneers in the industry, providing quality services since 1984, Burgess has extracted digital data from tens of thousands of clients’ computers and media, whether owned or seized by court order, through four decades.

For decades we have saved data unrecoverable by others, faced off against experts from and for Federal Agencies in the USA and the UK, a broad range of law firms, even those in pro per and pro se.

We provide services for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, accounting and insurance firms to governments and the United States Armed Forces, to small companies and individuals.

We work on all versions of Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux and even DOS!

We work on nearly every type of digital data and offer a wide variety of services.

With headquarters situated on the beautiful Central Coast of California and data collection associates nationwide, Burgess Forensics services the entire country, and overseas entities as well.

For more information on the founder, Steve Burgess, see his Curriculum Vitae.

Call us toll free at (866) 345-3345, or email us at info@burgessforensics.com.

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