Curriculum Vitae

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    Steve Burgess of Burgess Forensics

    Expert in most computer hardware, peripherals and operating systems and many applications. Specialist in digital, mobile, & computer forensics – data discovery.

  • Qualified as Expert Witness in Municipal, Superior, State, Federal and Military courts in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, and Texas.
  • World-renowned as a leading expert in recovery and analysis of data from disk drives, SSDs, flash drives, cell phones, mobile devices, email, digitized documents, and other electronic media. Has personally performed this work on more than 15,000 such devices.
  • Also generally knowledgeable in the emerging field of Molecular Nanotechnology and nonprofits.

Brief Summary of Business and Employment

Burgess Consulting and Forensics, 1992-2023 Redwood City, Novato, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo, CA Principal, Computer Forensics, Data Transfer & Conversion firm. Expert Witness / Forensic Data Expert to law firms, including O’Melveny & Myers – Los Angeles, Christensen Miller – Century City; Howard, Rice – San Francisco; Brobeck Phleger and Harrison – Palo Alto; Greenberg Traurig – Oakland; Shook Hardy and Bacon – Kansas City and San Francisco; Ropers Majeski; Pillsbury Levinson; Rogers Sheffield and Campbell; Parker Poe; Girard Gibbs; Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslano Simonsen & Clause LLP; Law Office of Jacqueline Goodman – Orange County, CA; Selman Breitman; Lee Anav Chung White Kim Ruger & Richter; Yoka & Smith LLP – Los Angeles & Seattle; Wood, Smith, Hanning & Berman LLP and many other law firms throughout the US; many county public defenders’ offices; US Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard;  Department of the Interior; USDA

Data Recovery Worldwide, 2006-2008 Santa Maria, CA Principal, Founder, Data recovery, data transfer and data conversion firm.

Committed To Memory, LLC, 1997-2000 Novato, CA President and Founder, Internet and storage networking and data management firm.

Trained staff of DriveSavers, Inc. in DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell and UNIX operating environments and in recovery of data from same ca. 1992. Increased sales of DriveSavers by 300%+. Responsible for negotiation and profitable sale of business line and assets of Data Recovery/Disk Repair, Inc. to DriveSavers, Inc.

Data Recovery/Disk Repair, Inc., 1992-94 San Carlos, CA Founder, Managing Vice-President Developed corporate formation. Sought out by and successfully recovered data for many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including:

The World Security Council, Regis McKenna, Oracle Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Xerox PARC, Stanford University, Stanford Children’s Hospital, IBM, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Princeton University, Ernst & Young, KPMG Peat Marwick, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the United States Navy, US Air Force, the US Department of Education, and thousands of others.

Mipro III, 1984-92 Redwood City, CA Founder, General Partner: Disk drive ,computer repair & data recovery Built from garage shop inception to 12-person operation.

Mipro, 1983-84 Lead technician, marketing assistant: Floppy disk drive repair business. Quadrupled sales in one year.

Other positions and duties have included:

Vice-President – Softec – President – the Foresight Institute Scientific Advisory Board – Lifeboat Foundation Global Task Force – Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Mentor for California Polytechnical Institute, San Luis Obispo and for Orcutt Academy students in computer and cyber forensics in conjunction with California Cyber Training Complex  Orcutt, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA • Instructor/Coach, Cyberforensics Mentor, coach, and judge for several Startup Weekend competitive entrepreneurial events. Co-Lead Innovation Development Entrepreneur Accelerator Initiative of EconAlliance. Santa Maria, CA Softec Santa Maria Tech Brew Coordinator. San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, CA Boardmember of Commercial Zen – Novato, CA: An Internet and Web design firm. Assisted in the formation of Media Tool Interactive – San Carlos, CA: Cowrote business plan and raised capital for this multimedia firm. Co-Chairman EEOEE, Redwood City School District : Researched and designed public magnet schools. Cowrote charter and new standards. Led/spoke in public forums to inform and advocate same. Aided implementation; measurable academic improvement in the first year. Board member during formation of Gravity International – San Francisco, CA: A Virtual Reality company. Consultant to Board of Point Source Technologies – Rohnert Park, CA: An invention R&D-for-hire firm. General Partner Jaxz Eatery, Santa Barbara, CA: “High tech” restaurant. Graduate School of Education and Office Of Instructional Development at the University of California at Santa Barbara: Manager, developer, purchaser and designer of audio-visual & TV production equipment and projects. Vacuum and Laser Systems Technician/Prototype Designer at Electro-Optical Industries, Inc. – Santa Barbara, CA.


Certified Forensic Engineer (CFE) Training Infosec Institute 2008 Web Design Intermediate Cuesta College 2007 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration University of Phoenix 2004 SMART Forensics Intermediate Las Vegas 2004 University of California at Santa Barbara 1972-80 Biochemistry and Environmental Studies Majors Honors Program Scholar


Forensic Expert Witness Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association; Santa Barbara County Bar Association; San Luis Obispo County Bar Association; Marquis Who’s Who in America; American College of Forensic Examiners; Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals; Association of Records Managers and Administrators; Lifeboat Foundation; Mensa; Center for Responsible Nanotechnology; Buckminster Fuller Institute; Space Sciences Institute; Foresight Institute; Planetary Society; National Congress of Inventor Associations; Inventors of California; New York Academy of Sciences.

Recent Writings & Appearances

“The Entrepreneur’s Journey: The Power of Yes.” January, 2022. Mission Community Services Corp / Women’s Business Center. San Luis Obispo, CA. “Is Your Business Protected? How to be Safe in Cyberspace. June, 2021. Explore, Design, Launch. “Electronic Footprints: Does Your Computer Reveal More Than It Should?” June, 2021. Forensic Expert Witness Association. “SOHO Cybersecurity-How to be Safe in Cyberspace.” May, 2021. Mission Community Services Corporation and Women’s Business Center.  “Has My Client Been Hacked?” Presentation and Guest Lecture. May, 2021. California Association of Licensed Investigators. “E-Discovery &  Digital Forensics for the Prospective Paralegal” Presentation and Guest Lecture. April, 2021 Cuesta College. “Five Fables From the Forensic Frontlines.” CLE Webcast: Cell Phone and Digital Evidence. December, 2020. New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. “Cybersecurity for Small Business.” May,  2020. Mission Community Services Corporation and Women’s Business Center. San Luis Obispo, CA. “Resiliency Webinar: Cybersecurity & COVID-19” April, 2020. EconAlliance, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, CA. “Cybersecurity • Computer & Digital Forensics” February, 2020. California Polytechnical Institute Introduction to Computer Forensics. San Luis Obispo, CA. “Cybersecurity • Digital Forensics • Real World Cases.” March, 2019. California Polytechnical Institute Electrical Engineering 522. San Luis Obispo, CA. “Computer Forensics: Digital Evidence and Law Enforcement.” November, 2018. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 9th Annual Defending Sex Cases Seminar. Planet Hollywood. Las Vegas, NV. “A Talk in Four Parts: Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, How a Business Started, Real-World Cases.” Daylong Presentation and Guest Lecture. July, 2018. International Workshop, California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo, CA “Tales From the Front Lines: Digital Forensics in the Real World“ Presentation and Guest Lecture March, 2018 Cuesta College Technology in the Law Office class. San Luis Obispo, CA “Venn Diagram: Hub of Entrepreneurship and Startups in Santa Maria Valley” Lecture February, 2018 at SMV Tech Summit, SBBCollege, Santa Maria, CA “What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about E-Discovery:“ MCLE credit presentation January, 2018 San Luis Obispo Bar Association Family Law Section. San Luis Obispo, CA “Cybersecurity: Apps. Tips, Trends” June 2017. SBBCollege, Santa Maria, CA Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases, 5th Ed. by Moenssens, et al. August, 2007. The Foundation Press, Inc. 615 Merrick Ave Westbury, NY 11590 “The Case for Electronic Discovery.” Serialized in four successive issues of the San Luis Obispo Bar Journal, June through December, 2004 “CSI#12 – The Case of the Computer that Got Lost.” Forensic Expert Witness Association, Fall 2007 Newsletter. “The (Needed) New Economics of Abundance.” Nanotechnology Perceptions: A Review of Ultraprecision Engineering and Nanotechnology. May 2006. Collegium Basilica, Berne, Switzerland Contributor to “Nanotechnology Glossary,” , Nanotechnology Now, 2003-2006 “Contributor to Nanotechnology Press Kit: A NanoWriter’s Reference” – the definitive source for nanotechnology information. Nanotechnology Now, 2003-2006

The following articles are copyrighted 2001-2023 and are available on this site “CSI #69: Hip Hop Beef.” ” Printers and Copiers Left Out the FBI’s Search of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago.” “Email as a Signed Contract vs. Fraudulent Emails.” “Cyberwar History and Ukraine.” “Keeping Your Bitcoin Safe.” “Cyberbullying and Covid-19: 2021 Update.” “Cybersecurity & Covid-19: Vulnerability and What to Do About It.” “Cyberbullying and Covid-19.” “The Case of the Client Who Wanted … to be Wanted.” “FitBit, Fun, Forensics, and Foes” “Challenges in Recovering Deleted Email” “CSI#14 – The Little Dame that Wouldn’t” “Why Does Digital Forensics Matter To Me?” “How is Data Written, Stored and Erased from Hard Drives?” “Why E-mail Matters: the Science Behind the US Attorney Scandal” “The Five Stages of Data Loss” “Backups” “Data Recovery Myths and Misconceptions” “Computer Hoaxes for the Beginner” “I think I’ve lost my data and I don’t know what to do…” “On or Off?” “Viruses” “What to do when your hard drive makes loud noises…”

Summary of Testimony Given

Available upon request Complete CV also available upon request

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