Beginners Guid to Computer Forensics  Guidelines, definitions, other resources, and more about computer forensics.

Private Investigators – read PI Magazine, the trade publication for private detectives, police detectives, SIU Investigators and anyone interested in learning how to become a PI.

Computer Outlook Radio Talk  Show – It’s a talk show about computers without talking in computer language – with host John Iasiuolo and co-host Rob Winchell.

Computer Legal Experts – A computer forensics and expert witness service.

Burgess Consulting software & practices – No relation to us, but nice folks who do software design and consulting.

Socha Consulting LLC – Informing Digital Discovery Decisions.

Maresware – Links for Forensic Investigative Tasks.

Gary Kessler Cybercrime and Cyberforensics URLs

University of Western Sydney (Australia) – School of Computing and Mathematics – Forensics Links.

Computer Forensics Companies – A guide to finding computer forensic companies, services, and organizations.

PlanetLink – Webdesign, WordPress, Optimization, SEO.

PHP, MySQL and Marketing – Steve Saroff – Missoula, Montana Web Consultant.

Ken Withers Dot Com – Researching computer-based disclosure and discovery in civil litigation.

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