Problems We Solve

Maybe you don’t know the first thing about computers

You’re good at what at what you do – explaining the computer stuff to you so you understand it is part of what we do.

What if I accidentally deleted texts/photos/messages/videos from my iPhone / Android / Samsung?

Whether your accident or someone else’s “accidentally on purpose” deletion, we use state-of-the-art forensic tools. The same tools the FBI uses.

Uh-oh, I think my ex-employee has stolen our data.

Identifying whether your intellectual property has walked away or been sent to others is a big part of what we do.

Someone is using a faked document or email against me.

We can analyze document headers and file metadata to get to the truth.

You need someone experienced to testify in court.

We do that, have been for decades, all over the United States. We can also testify via video or audio hookup.

You need someone to testify where you are and you don’t want to fly us out there to you.

No problem. We can testify via audio or video from our offices, or from nearby court reporter offices. Can you spell Zoom (or Teams)?

I’m pretty sure that someone deleted the data that I need, or that shows their malfeasance.

We’ve been doing data recovery for more than 30 years. If it hasn’t been overwritten, we can probably find and recover it.

Below are some other things we can do for you.
  • Recover accidentally or intentionally deleted emails
  • Decrypt some encrypted files with the key thrown away or lost
  • Find the real metadata associated with files with falsified dates
  • Recover files unintentionally damaged or overwritten by other consultants or technicians
  • Find and recover databases on computers that have been completely erased, reformatted and reinstalled
  • Find evidence of sabotage even when advanced data destruction programs have been used
  • Recover files from badly damaged computers
  • Data acquisition: Making forensic images of digital and online media.
  • Recover data from media where there have been attempts to sabotage, hide, delete, overwrite, or steal data
  • Recover Internet History – active and deleted
  • Recover deleted email
  • Extract and recover metadata
  • Extract and recover GPS data from images
  • Detect and trace hacking
  • Find and recover all images and video
  • Authenticate documents
  • Authenticate email
  • Identify USB devices that have been connected to a computer
  • Analyze URL and web addresses
  • Analyze and locate IP addresses
  • Provide a timeline of events and files
  • Recover deleted text
  • Recover deleted messages
  • Recover deleted Skype sessions
  • Identify spyware, malware, unauthorized access and remote control
  • Produce declarations, affidavits, and opinions for use in court

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