form multiple file typesTablet-phone-laptopBurgess Computer Forensics provides Computer & Digital E-Discovery and Data Recovery Services as well as Expert Witness Testimony, including in-person, audio and video testimony.

We recover deleted files from cell phones.

We recover and analyze data from all kinds of digital and online media including hard drives, mobile devices, tablets, computers, electronic documents, email, SD cards, SSDs, RAIDs

We prepare evidence for litigation and presentation in court for Civil, Criminal Defense, and Court Martial and Law enforcement, in plain terms, without unnecessary jargon or doublespeak. This can be in the form of a Declaration, Affidavit, or Expert Report.

A partial list of specific services includes:

  • Data acquisition: Making forensic images of digital and online media
  • Data recovery: Recovering files from damaged operating systems or hardware.
  • Recover data from media where there have been attempts to sabotage, hide, delete, overwrite, or steal data.
  • Recover Internet History – active and deleted – sometimes hundreds of thousands of entries
  • Recover deleted email 
  • Extract and recover metadata from multiple file types
  • Extract and recover GPS location data from images and other files and artifacts
  • Detect hacking
  • Find and recover all images and video
  • Authenticate documents
  • Authenticate email
  • Identify USB devices that have been connected to a computer
  • Analysis of URL and web addresses
  • Analyze and locate IP addresses
  • Provide a timeline of events and files
  • Recover deleted text
  • Recover deleted messages
  • Identify spyware, malware, unauthorized access and remote control
  • Produce declarations, affidavits, and opinions for use in court.

All work is kept confidential as a matter of course. Chain of custody and nondisclosures are available.

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