Who We’re Not a Fit For

Paper document authentication:

We’re happy to comment on the authenticity of some documents, such as printed emails or Word docs, but we primarily do analysis of digital files. For mostly paper documents, or signature analysis, we’d probably refer you to someone like Patricia Fisher of Fisher Forensic Document Lab.

Those interested in document destruction

People do contact us from time to time to see how to destroy data. Unless there’s a court order or an agreement between attorneys on opposite sides of a case, we just don’t do that or tell others how to.

Deep Video Analysis

We do examine metadata and potential anomalies in video files, and we do recover video files from security system DVRs. But for a case that hinges primarily on analysis of video for alteration or falsification, we’d probably refer you to someone like George Reis of Imaging Forensics.

False or Questionable Testimony

It has been asked, and even demanded of us that we misrepresent the evidence we find. As a famous TV cop was known to say, we present “Just the facts, Ma’am.” We hope your quest is for the truth as well.

Deep Audio Forensics

We do recover deleted messages and audio files, as well as examine metadata and potential anomalies in them, but for otherwise deep analysis of anomalies within audio files, we would probably refer you to someone like Arlan Boll, of ABAudio.

Bugging, or finding Bugging Devices

We don’t offer this service. You will probably want to find a Private Investigator who does Electronic Countermeasures. It’s strongly recommended that you do a little research on the firm you would hire. Incidentally, auto shops can often find GPS-tracking devices that might have been attached to your vehicle.

Someone with $100 to spend.

We always strive to give you the best quality work and our minimum fee is about $2,000 (USD).

Someone who wants lots of free advice.

We are very happy to discuss your case with you, but after our introductory call, we’ll need to go “on the clock” for further phone calls. There are a lot of free resources in our blog.

Forensic Accounting

We can search for, find, and recover financial and bookkeeping documents, but if you need a deep analysis of what this may have cost you, or where the money went, you probably want to contact a forensic accountant.

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