The Current State of CyberWar in the World

Drama. Drama is the touchstone for reporting. We have to look well around this particular stone in order to catch a realistic impression of the virtual. […]

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CyberSecurity at Sochi and at Home

Several news articles have referred to Russian surveillance at the just-concluded Sochi Olympics as “Prism on Steroids.” Surely they jest. Prism, the NSA’s widely cast surveillance […]

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Rescue for Pine Grove: Data Recovery Resurrects a Library

On the morning of May 21, something happened. Suspicion fell first on kids playing with matches. But a Fire Department investigation soon revealed that it was […]

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Backups: Pain Avoidance Made Easy

Backup, backup, backups! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 30 years and close to 20,000 data recoveries, it’s that everybody doesn’t back up their data […]

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