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Challenges in Recovering Deleted Email

Both computer forensics experts and data recovery technicians seek to recover deleted data. Data recovery is primarily interested in bringing back files, while computer forensics tends […]

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CSI Computer Forensics – Real Cases From Burgess Forensics #9 – The Case of the Teacher and the Trickster

The stories are true; the names and places have been changed to protect the potentially guilty. It was a grey October day, the kind of day […]

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Audio File Challenges for Computer Forensics & eDiscovery

By Steve Burgess Unified communications is the term used for integrating all communications – data and voice – over the Internet. This can include data in […]

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The Future of Computer Forensics

By Steve Burgess A student asked me an interesting question today, regarding what I foresee in the field of computer forensics in the coming years: 5, […]

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