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Computer Forensics – Criminal vs Civil: What’s the Difference?

In the field of computer forensics, as in the field of law, procedures in civil cases differ somewhat from those in criminal cases. The collection of […]

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Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Differ

What’s the difference between data recovery, computer forensics and e-discovery? All three fields deal with data, and specifically digital data. It’s all about electrons in the […]

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Real CSI Cases from Burgess Forensics #16 The Little Dame That Wouldn’t

The stories are true; the names and places have been changed to protect the potentially guilty. A dame, a rich guy, and an email account: what […]

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Why Does Digital Forensics Matter To Me?

Your data is not private! In the privacy of our studies, offices, libraries, or wherever it is we have our computers, it may seem that we […]

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