Keyword Searches

Computer Forensics Expert Steve Burgess explains keyword searches – what they are, how to design an effective search, and differences between electronic data discovery (EDD) and […]

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Data Recovery Myths and Misconceptions

In the very early 80’s, IBM introduced the IBM PC, progenitor of most modern personal computers. That same year, undoubtedly, the first PC hard disk failed […]

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Can You Browse the Internet in Secrecy?

By Jessica Riccio Under normal circumstances, browsing the Internet leaves many footprints (“artifacts”) across the user’s computer. A computer forensic experts’ ability to find Internet History […]

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Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment – What They Are and What To Do About It

What is Cyberstalking? The first five entries in a Google search show five different definitions, but all agree that it has to do with the use […]

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