CSI #17 – The Case of the Nuclear Hacker

I was taking a small midday break from my computer forensics lab to enjoy a few minutes of a sunny 75 degree June day in my […]

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CSI # 11 – The Case of the Unheard Evidence

It was a balmy summer day in Marin County, back near the beginning of my computer forensics career. Back in the day – before we called […]

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What is Bitcoin, How is it Different than “Real” Money,” and How Can I Get Some?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It doesn’t exist in the kind of physical form that the currency & coin we’re used to exist in. It doesn’t […]

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Can You Browse the Internet in Secrecy? Part 2: The Experiment

By Jessica Riccio In part one, we defined private browsing and discussed its history. We covered places where various browsers store browsing history and the technical […]

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