Will the US CyberAttack Syria?

“Is the U.S. ready for cyber war?” leads an article in FCW Online. FCW, “the Business of Federal Technology” is an online magazine designed to provide […]

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CSI Computer Forensics – Real Cases From Burgess Forensics #12 – The Case of the Computer That Got Lost

The stories are true; the names and places have been changed to protect the potentially guilty. A few years ago, Debby Johnson, an attorney from a […]

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I’ve Been Hacked! What Do I Do Now?

We get this question several times a week, so it’s not just you. And no, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy – even if your friends think […]

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How Do Hard Drives Die?

There are normal things that happen to hard drives and individual, occasionally unusual things that clients have managed to do over the three decades we’ve been […]

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