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CSI Computer Forensics – Real Cases From Burgess Forensics #9 – The Case of the Teacher and the Trickster

The stories are true; the names and places have been changed to protect the potentially guilty. It was a grey October day, the kind of day […]

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Audio File Challenges for Computer Forensics & eDiscovery

By Steve Burgess Unified communications is the term used for integrating all communications – data and voice – over the Internet. This can include data in […]

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The Future of Computer Forensics

By Steve Burgess A student asked me an interesting question today, regarding what I foresee in the field of computer forensics in the coming years: 5, […]

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Computer Forensics – Criminal vs Civil: What’s the Difference?

In the field of computer forensics, as in the field of law, procedures in civil cases differ somewhat from those in criminal cases. The collection of […]

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