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Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and ESI: The evolution of e-discovery and computer forensics, Part I

Nearly all documents start on a computer and discovery for litigation necessarily requires accessing electronically stored information (ESI). Rules regarding ESI in discovery – whether opponents […]

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What Do iPhone Forensic Investigations Reveal?

iPhones are little, pocket-sized supercomputers. With power and capabilities unimaginable just a few years ago, they can be seen everywhere and with every kind of person’s […]

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Data Recovery, Forensic Artifacts & Flight 370

We’re all computer users now and by virtue of the fact that we write, we’re all content creators as well. But what happens when you don’t […]

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Home-Brewed Data Destruction

Law around the subject of electronically stored information (ESI) is ever-evolving. In a lawsuit, it’s treated just like paper documents. If you shred or burn the […]

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